Jun. 10th, 2009 09:24 pm
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I could write a review of up, or I could refer you here.

In all seriousness, this movie left me feeling fragile and on the edge of weeping, a state that's surprisingly common for me in the last, oh, seven years or so. There seems to be a formula to movies or shows or any art really that strikes me to the quick, the mixture of tragedy and comedy. The emotional roller coaster, particularly if done well, is powerfully effecting.

Up was that movie. Pixar wins again.
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Today, with all due pomp and ceremony, I received the medieval-looking hood signifying my new status as juris doctor...

Now for the Bar exam.


May. 6th, 2009 04:20 pm
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For those of you who may be interested in dropping by my graduation, here's the pertinent info.
You don't need tickets or anything.

Ceremony begins at 10am, Saturday May 16 )
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This is a blog by a Christian who calls other Christians on their shit.

It's easy to find unbelievers to rant about the "crazy Christians" but often I find Christians who are made deeply uneasy by the public stances taken by some of their co-religionists. This site expresses that uneasiness in a fairly amusing fashion (and with Bible verses to showcase the hypocrisy).
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Time to study for finals...

except for that networking and job hunting...

except for Lemonyfreshpalooza 5

except for seeing Circus Contraption's The Show to End All Shows (again) with Jane.

And now a patriotic song courtesy of Circus Contraption:

"America! / The place where we all live / with pie and Dr. King / it makes me want to sing / America! / La la la la la la / Land of liberty my home!"

It was just as dystopian as the last time I saw it :)
And after 12 years together, they're apparently splitting up to go their separate ways come the end of the month. If you want to see them, do so soon.


Apr. 30th, 2009 03:40 pm
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Jane and I have a printer we'd like to get rid of.

--Lexmark Z22 Inkjet printer
--2 spare still-in-package black ink cartridges
--D-Link print server

It's perfectly functional, the only problem with it is this: It's not a USB printer. You need one of the old 25-pin ports on your computer. The printer cable is provided.

We'd like to get some money for it, of course, as those cartridges alone are pricy, but frankly we'll give it away if you need a printer and can't afford to kick us $20 or something.

Last Day

Apr. 30th, 2009 01:55 pm
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Yesterday was the last day of class... ever. At least for this degree. There was a party on the second-floor of the law school for the graduating 3L's. We got to chat and congratulate each other on being done, and ask each other what we plan to do now.

On a purely selfish note, getting a job is going to be tough with all this competition around :)

For now, though, focused on finals, then I get to start prepping for the Bar exam at the end of July. I'm also going to be sending out serious feelers on the job front. I'd rather not leave Seattle, but I'm not feeling optimistic about my chances here. We'll see.
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Varnum v. Brien, as many of you know, is the unanimous decision of the Iowa Supreme Court holding that a statute limiting marriage to opposite sex couples violates the equal protection clause of the Iowa Constitution.

As has become typical in these debates, the anti-gay-marriage side's main argument consisted essentially of "think of the children!" This has always struck me as a somewhat specious argument, and I was pleased to note the following excerpt from the decision:

The Court Speaketh )
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Migglemeister's quoted in the article and pictured in the full picture on the front page of the print version.
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On Thursdays I typically have to leave work at the Washington State Bar Association early to head to my weekly externship seminar class. This past Thursday, however, was field trip day to the Federal Courthouse and so I walked from work.

As I arrived at the soaring, modern, gleaming building I noticed camera crews setting up outside all over the place covering the courthouse steps. I idly wondered what big case was being handled at 4:00pm on a Thursday but thought nothing of it.

I went up to the 13th floor to the courtroom of Federal District Court Judge Richard Jones only to notice a group of nicely dressed Chinese people gathering outside it. Since I was a bit early, I waited out in the lobby. As more of my classmates arrived, Judge Jones' judicial assistant came out and apologized to us. Apparently "something came up last minute" that would delay our talk with Judge Jones by five to ten minutes. The nicely dressed Chinese people went inside the courtroom.

Turns out, Judge Jones, along with two other Federal judges who had all served with him under Norm Maling in the King County Prosecutor's Office back in the day, had been picked that morning to swear in Gary Locke as Commerce Secretary. Seems former-governor Locke was also a KC Prosecutor back then and it was a convivial moment for old friends.

For some reason I assumed that such swearings were done in Washington DC, but apparently any federal judge can do it. Neat.
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A bunch of us got in to the Pacific Science Center's "Science with a Twist" cocktails and pre-release screening of IMAX Watchmen last evening.

I think that people who have not read the comics and are expecting a "superhero" movie will be disappointed. This movie, much like the comics upon which it is quite faithfully based, is social commentary with superheroes as metaphors. Those expecting a dark, gritty take on an alternate history version of the cold war with a bit of murder mystery thrown in will enjoy it as much as I did.

It was a long movie, with few action scenes. But because I wasn't expecting "Ironman" this didn't bother me. I thought the portrayals of the Comedian and Rorshach were spot-on, really amazingly so. I was disappointed that Nite Owl wasn't all pudgy and middle-aged, but that probably would have made the few actions sequences the movie DID have even less believable :)

The ending is different. I actually had the specific changes to it spoiled for me, and even so thought it made perfect sense. Having seen the movie, I can say with even greater certainty that they were quite faithful in adapting the ending, they just changed some of the details, and for the better. I highly doubt the movie audience would have "bought" the original comic ending, at least not without adding another hour to the movie's length to seed the lead-up.

I enjoyed the nods to the comic, the newspaper vendor and the young comic-reading kid on the NY streetcorner, which are fairly significant minor characters in the comics, get some silent screen time. I agree with [livejournal.com profile] montykins that the dialogue between Silk Spectre and Dr. Manhattan on Mars was merely "good" whereas it was one of my favorite scenes from the original comic. They cut it short for completely explicable movie reasons, but still, that scene in the books really highlights just how "alien" Dr. Manhattan has become, and that Spectre's attempts to persuade him are doomed to fail because of a sheer lack of common reference. That makes her eventual, almost accidental success even more interesting.

One minor gripe: We didn't need Bubastis. It was a needlessly distracting bit of cgi that didn't add anything. Yes, in the comic Ozymandias has a genetically-engineered pet cat-lion-thing. In the movie it was a bit of random weirdness that just shows up, distracts us visually from the story, and disappears again. Unnecessary.

Overall, though, I thought this was a really successful adaptation of the comics, and Jane informs me that it was a perfectly explicable movie even for someone who has never read the source material.

Oh, and for the players in my old Section 2 game, Ming made a pretty good Ozymandias eh? :)


Jan. 24th, 2009 10:25 am
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Even now, after eleven years
he lives in my dreams
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Jane and I saw Let the Right One In tonight. It's a vampire movie that reminds me of my favorite vampire book, Agyar by Steven Brust. It's understated, subtle. I liked that it was told mostly from the point of view of the non-vampire kid. The music is minimalist, the scenery is grey, dull, winter suburbia. No glam or glitter, nothing to distract you from the very subtle emotional story playing itself out.

The movie is all about relationships. Oskar's relationship with his mother, with his father, with his classmates, and with the strange new girl who moves in next door. But each of these relationships is elaborated in tidbits, looks, subtle gestures, overheard conversations.

I read someone was wanting to make an American remake. There's no way that would work unless they can find another pre-teen girl who does such a good job of conveying... old. Her eyes said so much, as did subtle body language, to convey that she's not really a creature of the modern world.

I'll avoid spoilers, but I'll say that there was one moment near the beginning of this film that struck me, where I saw the cycle of this creature's life... and I knew this movie would be horrible... but subtly and enjoyably so.


Dec. 22nd, 2008 10:06 pm
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For all those people who, upon seeing me gleefully eating habanero salsa, or The Man, or certain Thai dishes, have looked at me aghast and said: "how can you taste anything under all that hot?" this article does a good job of looking into the mechanics of spicy food. For someone who is accustomed, it can actually enhance the other flavors in the food.

I also agree that heat isn't everything, the flavor of the chile is hugely important. I have no particular "macho" thing to prove, I just happen to like spicy food.

So, bland-food eaters and my fellow spice-lovers alike may enjoy reading about the Dorset naga, a pepper three times hotter than a habanero, and 3/4 as hot as police pepper spray.

Home Again

Dec. 21st, 2008 04:22 pm
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Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] dyingjoy and [livejournal.com profile] jaydedone for the use of their house and their company during Snowpalooza 2008. We braved the weather to play board games at their place only to be snowed in. Fortunately, we fully expected such an eventuality and came prepared. After breaking my car out of nearly a foot of snow with ice layers, [livejournal.com profile] obake and I crawled our way home. Fortunately the House of Pain Christmas Party is within walking distance...


Dec. 18th, 2008 10:10 am
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So I braved the early-morning ice-rink that was Seattle to take a final I probably bombed (here's praying for the curve...) but at least I'm now home, warm, and all done with finals.

Yes, Seattle goes crazy when it snows. Yes, other cities can mock us. But other cities have a snow-infrastructure to handle it (snowplows, sanders, de-icers). Seattle just puts traffic cones to block off the worst hills.

LA Day 1

Nov. 26th, 2008 07:14 pm
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Jane and I flew into LA today to begin our Thanksgiving/belated anniversary trip. We arrived at around 3:30pm, and after settling in a bit, headed out to Venice Beach to grab dinner at the C&O Trattoria as recommended by [livejournal.com profile] tea_and_thunder. The portions were as advertised, and notwithstanding our travel-fueled hunger, neither of us was able to finish our entree. It's a shame our hotel doesn't have a fridge and a microwave. It was very tasty.

We walked the night-time pier and watched the ocean, then headed back to the hotel where I am right now. The plan is to turn in early, get up early, and spend Thanksgiving at Six Flags (unless it's all raining and stormy, in which case we'll probably hit Disneyland in the hopes that the rain will keep all the locals away, and under the theory that Disneyland has more indoor rides/attractions).

Leigh's advice was to take the time listed on googlemaps to get anywhere and double it. It seems accurate so far. My chief hope is to avoid spending TOO much of the weekend stuck in traffic *crosses fingers*
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Jane and I need to be at the airport by 8:45am on Wednesday Nov. 26, one week from today.

We will be returning at 10:00am the following Monday, Dec. 1.

I'm posting this in the off chance someone out there in LJ land would like to play chauffeur to us.
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