Mar. 27th, 2009

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On Thursdays I typically have to leave work at the Washington State Bar Association early to head to my weekly externship seminar class. This past Thursday, however, was field trip day to the Federal Courthouse and so I walked from work.

As I arrived at the soaring, modern, gleaming building I noticed camera crews setting up outside all over the place covering the courthouse steps. I idly wondered what big case was being handled at 4:00pm on a Thursday but thought nothing of it.

I went up to the 13th floor to the courtroom of Federal District Court Judge Richard Jones only to notice a group of nicely dressed Chinese people gathering outside it. Since I was a bit early, I waited out in the lobby. As more of my classmates arrived, Judge Jones' judicial assistant came out and apologized to us. Apparently "something came up last minute" that would delay our talk with Judge Jones by five to ten minutes. The nicely dressed Chinese people went inside the courtroom.

Turns out, Judge Jones, along with two other Federal judges who had all served with him under Norm Maling in the King County Prosecutor's Office back in the day, had been picked that morning to swear in Gary Locke as Commerce Secretary. Seems former-governor Locke was also a KC Prosecutor back then and it was a convivial moment for old friends.

For some reason I assumed that such swearings were done in Washington DC, but apparently any federal judge can do it. Neat.
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Migglemeister's quoted in the article and pictured in the full picture on the front page of the print version.


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